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Chin & Cheek Implants

Chin Implants (Augmentation Genioplasty)

A balanced jawline with a well-defined chin lends an air of authority to the male face, while creating a more harmonious and beautiful facial proportion in women. In some patients, both male and female, bite imbalance and teeth misalignment require orthodontic care or even jaw surgery. But in many individuals whose teeth match up properly and are not candidates for (or have already had) orthodontia or jaw surgery, chin implants provide a permanent and normal-feeling chin augmentation. Small solid silicone implants have been developed specifically for implantation in the chin area, and are designed to fit securely to the bone beneath the facial tissues. The implant does not move, blends into the normal tissues invisibly, and feels just like the normal chin. Though the chin may not seem to be a significant contributor to facial beauty and harmony, it is actually quite important. That is why chin implants are most commonly done in conjunction with other facial surgery such as facelift, necklift, or rhinoplasty.

Chin implants may be recommended for some patients requesting rhinoplasty surgery for a large or over-projecting nose, as a weak or retrusive chin can make a large nose appear bigger. Rhinoplasty combined with chin implant placement provides enhanced results beyond what either operation alone can achieve, and can give a more balanced facial harmony between the middle (nasal) third and lower (chin and mouth) third of the face. Chin implant surgery is performed through an incision made just behind the crease underneath the chin, and this incision allows removal of excess submental (neck) fat at the same time. Intraoral incisions can also be used, but increase the risk of infection requiring removal of implant, and cannot address excess fat in this area. In addition, we feel that intraoral incisions may be associated with a higher risk of numbness of the lips and chin (from nerve damage), and implant malposition.

Cheek Implants (Malar Implants)

Cheek implants create facial contour and a youthful appearance, and, best of all, they can be customized to create the best final results for an individual patient’s existing facial structure. They also add facial volume, as one of the first signs of aging is loss of facial volume and sagging cheek skin. Cheek implants are placed through an incision just below the lower eyelid lashes so the scar is not visible after surgery. Incisions inside the mouth can also be used, but just as with chin implants placed via this route, can have a higher rate of infection requiring removal of implant. Cheek implants can subtly enhance the cheekbones and produce an attractive and natural-looking effect. Cheek implants are often placed in conjunction with other facial plastic surgery procedures, such as face lift and eyelid surgery. Since they are solid silicone elastomer implants, once placed and healed, they do not move and cannot be distinguished from your natural cheekbones. Better yet, they are permanent, and do not require the periodic injections that volume-enhancing fillers require.

When surgery is not an option, HA fillers such as Voluma™ or Radiesse® can provide temporary (1-2 years) cheekbone enhancement with virtually no downtime. Contact us for information regarding chin or cheek implants, or injectable options.

Costs for Chin or Cheek Implants

Chin implant surgery (augmentation genioplasty) costs start at around $6500, inclusive of operating room, anesthesia, surgeon’s fees, implant costs, and all post-op recovery visits. Other options, including fat removal under the chin, will add time and cost to the procedure. Cheek implant costs will depend on the type of cheek implants chosen, and can range from $8500 or higher. Exact costs can be obtained at the time of complimentary consultation with our American Board of Plastic Surgery-certified plastic surgeons. Financing options are available.

Because of the high demand for free consultations with our plastic surgeons, our staff will ask for a credit card number in order to schedule a consultation; there is no charge whatsoever for appointments that are kept–you will be charged $100 only if you fail to keep a scheduled appointment, or fail to cancel at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment time–for Monday appointments, you must cancel no later than noon on the previous Thursday; for Tuesday appointments, you must cancel by noon on the previous Friday.

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