Minneapolis Micro Laser Peel, Tighter Skin and Wrinkle Treatment

Micro Laser Peel

Stimulation for More Youthful Looking Skin

One of the reasons your skin begins to show damage and superficial wrinkles as you age is because the skin itself loses elasticity. On average, we lose about 1% of our skin collagen and elastic fiber content each year over the age of 40. So by age 50, our skin has lost 10% of its elasticity and collagen content. By the time you’re 60, your skin has lost 20% or so of its elasticity and collagen. And at age 70, well, you get the idea! Think about a balloon full of air—that’s the skin of your youth. But as the balloon becomes more lax, you start to see wrinkles and imperfections. And, unfortunately, that’s how our skin acts as we age. Our Minneapolis Microlaser Peel patients like this procedure because it focuses on tightening the skin by stimulation of new collagen and elastin growth—not just making the balloon look a little smoother, but putting a touch more air back in while we’re at it.

Delivery of Energy

In microlaser peel, a safe, lower-power Apex® Erbium:YAG laser handpiece delivers near-infrared laser energy (2940nm) to the surface of the treated skin; the laser energy is absorbed by the water in the skin cells, heating them and stimulating collagen and elastin production. This produces thicker and tightened skin, reducing sun damage and superficial wrinkles. A cooling tip on the laser handpiece allows each pulse of the laser to be well-tolerated without anesthesia, but numbing cream is available for those who wish more aggressive treatment and more dramatic results. Gentler treatments can result in little or no downtime other than mild redness for several days; more energetic treatments can stimulate the outer layers of the skin to peel away in several days, revealing the refreshed, less-wrinkled skin beneath.

Variable Treatment for Variable Skin

The microlaser peel is engineered to be so versatile because human tissue is wildly variable—not only from person to person, but also often in different skin areas of a single patient. By allowing us to control the energy the handpiece delivers, we can carefully calibrate each treatment based on your desired results and the status of your tissue when we begin the treatments. Because everyone has a different starting point and unique requests, this versatility is a powerful component of this treatment.

A Noninvasive Option

The minimally-invasive nature of the Microlaser Peel means that you can start to feel more comfortable in your own skin, and do so at a pace that works for you. A skin care specialist at Minneapolis Anti-Aging and Skin Care Clinic can evaluate your goals and help schedule your Apex® microlaser peel treatment.

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