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Hydra Facial

Moisturize and Rejuvenate

We’re all familiar with face wash products that use exfoliates. The idea is that granules in the face wash will help open and cleanse your pores. Not only is your face cleaner after exfoliating, but it feels better—less tight, less greasy, less tense. In a way, after exfoliating, your face feels free again. HydraFacial operates on a similar principle; the main difference is that rather than relying on an irritant to cleanse your skin, this procedure uses moisture to stimulate your tissue—leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Rejuvenating Solution

HydraFacial technology utilizes moisturizing and rejuvenating aqueous solutions instead of drying granules (used in old Microdermabrasion techniques, and akin to exfoliating) to remove dead skin cells and pore-deep impurities, while simultaneously stimulating healing and improving skin clarity and tone. This procedure does not require “down-time” and patients do not experience discomfort of any kind. You’ll be back to your daily activities almost immediately.

A Designed Process

Hydrafacial employs a unique spiral design and a basic five-step process. During the cleansing and exfoliating stage, inactive skin cells are removed to make way for healthy, new skin. Step two is the acid peel, during which you’ll be exposed to a very gentle, painless acid peel that loosens dirt and debris located your pores. During step three, Hydrafacial procedures use what they refer to as “vortex action” (facilitated by that spiral design) to clean out those pores. The final two steps are hydration—which is intended to nourish and protect—and protection, which provides your tissue with the necessary nutrients to preserve the new, radiant look the treatment provided. The cycle works by renewing and healing your tissue.

Of course, many patients choose to utilize their Hydrafacial session as part of the maintenance and enhancement of plastic surgical procedures available at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, Ltd., and that’s not unreasonable given the quick, painless nature of Hydrafacial technology. Additional LED light stimulation, dermablading, and handpiece options can extend the effectiveness and degree of skin improvement for our Minnesota HydraFacial patients. A skin care specialist at our Minneapolis Anti-Aging and Skin Care Clinic, serving the Minneapolis / St. Paul area and beyond, can help you plan your HydraFacial treatment and skin care regimen. Since Minneapolis Anti-Aging and Skin Care Clinic is owned and operated by the American Board of Plastic Surgery-certified plastic surgeons at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, cooperation and coordination with operative and non-surgical procedures can enhance, improve,and prolong results seen with single modalities alone. We consider maintenance of our best results—you—as the best advertising possible!

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