Minneapolis Chemical Peels, Nonsurgical Skin Treatment for Youthful Skin

Chemical Peels

Refinish Your Skin

Think of your skin as hardwood flooring in your house: over time the outer layer becomes dirty and damaged, stained and worn. But it’s only the outer layers that absorbs—and shows—all of that damage. Underneath, it’s still brand new. The only thing that floor needs need is a good refinishing to make it shine like new again. Of course, your skin isn’t quite the same thing as a floor, and sometimes that damage is located at different depths. The location and nature of that damage will likely determine the type of chemical peel that’s the best fit for you.

Emerging Layers

Chemical peels remove the damaged outer layers of the skin, causing it to regenerate a new surface layer from deeper, less-damaged, more youthful-appearing skin cells. The healing process takes several days to a week or more (depending on type and strength of peel), and during this healing phase new collagen and elastic fibers are being formed that tighten and improve tone of the dermis, over which a new skin surface grows while healing, giving a more firm, refreshed look and less irregular coloration. This new, younger layer of skin cells reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and blemishes. Our Minnesota facial chemical peel patients can also expect improvement in textural irregularities or less visible acne scars. Several chemical peels are available at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, LTD. and less aggressive ones at our skin and body care clinic, Minneapolis Anti-Aging and Skin Care Clinic, (MAASC).

A Lunchtime Treat(ment)

These peels range from no-downtime “lunchtime” skin-refreshing peels such as the glycolic peel, to more aggressive peels, including Jessner’s peel, TCA (tricholoroacetic acid) peels, Obagi® Blue Peel, and phenol or buffered phenol peels. Each is best for treating specific types of skin problems. A buffered phenol peel, for example, is designed to treat medium-depth skin damage—that is, damage beyond day-to-day, regular wear and tear, so it tends to require more healing time than other peels. The Obagi® Blue Peel, on the other hand, is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles,  skin tone unevenness, and among other blemishes, acne. Because each of these chemical peels has a different target, and varying length of recovery, it is recommended that you consult with our doctors to learn which would best address your desired results, or if more mild peels or Erbium:YAG laser refreshing at Minneapolis Anti-Aging and Skin Care Clinic are more appropriate. Please contact MPS or our skin and body care clinic Minneapolis Anti-Aging and Skin Care Clinic for no-obligation consultations.

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